Electronic cigarettes continue to grow in popularity for many different reasons.  Some former smokers start using electronic cigarettes to avoid relapsing into traditional tobacco smoking. Others just prefer to inhale the vapor as a tasty alternative to regular tobacco smoking. Others realize that e-cigarettes offer a sensible option in a world that's increasingly becoming less tolerant to traditional tobacco smoking.  Some e-cigarette users love the fact that there's less wastage and view this trend as a more eco-friendly way of smoking. So what are the reasons behind the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes?

Healthier option

Traditional tobacco smokers now have access to a healthy alternative.  With electronic cigarettes, you don't have to worry about poor oral health, stinking breath, smelling clothes and body, stained walls, health complications and other issues. No one will ever know that you do smoke once you enter a room. Also, you can smoke wherever you are without exposing people to the dangers of second-hand tobacco smoke and you won't pollute the environment with the unpleasant tobacco smoke.

Cheaper option

Most long-term tobacco smokers don't realize how much they've spent on cigarette smoking until they do some math. Smoking is a very expensive habit and someone who smokes a packet daily will spend a fortune in a year. Although an electronic cigarette might go for a higher initial cost, it offers a much cheaper alternative in the long-term. In addition, regular tobacco smokers have to deal with the high medical bills occasioned by their habit. Reduced medical bills will go a long way in saving costs.

Variety of options

The e-cigarettes offer a variety of options and many companies around the globe manufacture different types of e-cigs. The different varieties offer customers options and one can get what they need. Different electronic cigarette companies are marketing advanced e-cigarettes, which are catching the attention of regular and new smokers. This safe alternative has seen many smokers give up the bad smoking habit.

Nicotine solution

Most traditional smokers find it harder to leave the habit due to nicotine cravings. With e-cigarettes, they'll be able to satisfy their nicotine cravings without the dangerous effects of traditional smoking. The e-cigarettes have an e-juice or nicotine solution that contains various flavors and levels of nicotine. Many regular smokers have been able to give up smoking with the help of these electronic devices. E-cigs allow users to adjust nicotine levels, helping to reduce their intake of nicotine over time. Manufacturers use various blends as bases for nicotine.

Great innovations

One of the major reasons that electronic cigarettes are increasing in popularity is because of the great innovations in the sector. The e-cig industry has grown, with devices continuing to improve in design, style and function. People nowadays are more willing to use e-cigarettes since the devices feel and look much better than they were originally. These new designs are much simpler to use and more attractive to consumers. Smaller sizes have even more appeal to consumers since they resemble the regular cigarettes and this has increased their popularity.

Better social alternative

People who don't smoke are more open to being around e-cigarette smokers than traditional cigarette smokers. Nowadays, many smokers have found that they don't provide good company to non-smokers as most people will avoid being around smokers. No one likes to carry cigarette smoke from someone else wherever he/she goes. Moreover, research has shown that second-hand cigarette smoke is also harmful, and sometimes even more harmful, than direct inhalation. Therefore, those who are exposed to second-hand smoke are likely to suffer all of the health problems associated with carcinogens.

Informed population

Today, people have more information on the harmful effects of smoking than they were several decades ago. In an age where everyone tries as much as possible to look good, many people have found that cigarette smoking doesn't do any favors to their looks. Smokers have a skin that looks worse and they also look older than their age. This is a good enough reason for people to quit traditional cigarette smoking.

In summary, Electronic cigarettes continue to grow in popularity for various reasons. Smoking bans have made many smokers search for alternatives in order to satisfy their cravings without violating the law. While more research needs to be done regarding the health benefits of e-cigarettes, there's no doubt that they offer a much greener and cleaner smoking experience.


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